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Interested in Joining Our Team as an Interpreter, Translator or Captioner?

Accurate Communication is currently looking for experienced Interpreters & Translators to join our team. Please review the opportunities below and submit your contact information. Our team will contact you as quickly as possible to get the process started.


Interpreters assist others who speak 2+ languages communicate. Applicants are required to be fluent in the 2+ languages. Interpreters solely render vocalized communications, not written such as translators do.

There are 2 classes of interpreting, (1) simultaneous and (2) consecutive.

Simultaneous interpreting requires an Interpreter to translates in realtime, while the speaker is still talking. This variety of interpreters are customarily wanted within larger-sized gatherings or professional meetings.

Consecutive interpreting is most suitable for face-to-face conversations or statements in court, this allows the speaker to talk for short periods of time. Immediately followed by a break where the interpreter steps in the translate what was just stated.

People with critical language or hearing impairments depend on communication techniques such as sign language. American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters support the mood and message from the primary communicator.


As a Translator applicant, you will perform in the position of a specialist, senior, and fundamental level Translator at Accurate Communications. Translator will also be accountable for a plethora of tasks in preparing material or engaging in circumstances that require an exceptional ability to confidently perform translation, transcription, and interpretation.

By becoming a certified Translator with Accurate Communication, you will utilize your love for foreign language and powerful verbal and written communication, plus critical thinking experiences to further learn, translate, decipher, address, and assist others in time of a communication barrier

Click the button to the right in order to contact us directly for any and all open Translator positions available at Accurate Communication. Call us directly for more information, (646) 873-400.


Court Reporter/Stenographer

Accurate Communication is currently accepting applications for freelance work specializing in CART captioning with a proven and positive job experience/performance for our clients.

If you would like to seek more information on Accurate Communications freelance CART captioning opportunities with us, please send us your CV in English, providing detailed information regarding your subtitling experience.

  • Ability to quickly adapt to workflow/process changes and updates.
  • Exceptional attention to detail, organization, problem-solving, analytical, and multitasking abilities.
  • Comprehensive understanding of international cultures.
  • Outstanding expertise of various languages, including slang, and colloquial expressions.
  • Knowledge of closed captioning and subtitling, and their traditional failures and technical difficulties.
  • Belief and knowledge with subtitle editing and web/cloud technology.

    Freelance Opportunities

    • Experienced Foreign Language Interpreters and Translators (all languages)
    • American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreters
    • Captioners and CART Providers
    • Translators

    Current Office Staff Positions

    • Bi-Lingual Interpreter Coordinator

    Additional Questions?

    If you have any further questions for our team at Accurate Communication please submit your information from the APPLY buttons above.

    Information for Medical and Legal Interpreters & Linguists

    Healthcare Interpreters

    Accurate Communication contracts medical interpreters for appointments on an as-needed basis for healthcare facilities across the United States. If you need information on how to become a certified Healthcare Interpreter, please visit our about page.

    Court Certified Interpreters

    Accurate Communication supplies legal assistance, mediators, and other practitioners in the legal industry with professional and experienced interpreters. For more information on becoming a Court Certified Interpreter visit your local Judicial Council website.