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In Person Interpretation Services

Professional in person interpretation services provide invaluable resources and support to a wide range of groups and organizations. These include a variety of:

  • Businesses
  • Civic Organizations
  • Educational Institutions
  • Government Entities
  • And more!

What’s more: professional interpretation services help improve connections and maximize communication with people from around the world.

Unfortunately, these vital services cannot be entrusted to just anyone claiming to speak the language(s) you need. For matters of interpretation, you need qualified professionals who reflect well upon your organization while providing a clear message clear to everyone involved.

What Are Professional In Person Interpretation Services?

In-person interpretation is essential when you need clear, open and productive dialogue. This includes on-the-spot Q-and-A sessions and providing all parties the honesty and clarity needed to collaborate and move forward effectively.

When you have information important to all parties, you need the benefits only professional, in-person interpreters provide. This not only includes open, efficient dialogue, but also discretion, integrity, and experience.

This is particularly true when sensitive information is discussed in your meetings, such as:

  • Government policies
  • Emergency plans
  • Trade secrets
  • Privileged information
  • Sensitive subject matter

When you leave your in person interpretation needs to trusted professionals, you never need to worry about leaks, costly mistakes, or public relations nightmares.

What Are the Types of Interpretation Services Available?

While in person interpretation services are important, they aren’t the only types of interpretation services available. And the better you understand your options, the better choices you can make concerning your needs.

If you work with businesses or individuals who speak different languages, you may need one or more interpretation of services. There may also be times when clear communication with larger, multi-cultural communities is essential.

Different types of interpretation services include:

In Person Interpretation Services

In person interpretation provide a live interpreter for your business meetings, events, and more. An in-person interpreter provides live services to facilitate faster, clearer dialogue between parties that speak two languages.

Our organization provides in person interpretation services for more than 250 languages, including American Sign Language interpretation services.

American Sign Language Services

If you’re communicating with deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals, ASL is an essential service. American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters provide invaluable support in various settings and industries, speaking to large and diverse audiences without interfering with the flow of communication.

ASL interpreters are also the perfect choice for civic and educational forums, as well as in government communication settings. Other organizations may also benefit from ASL interpretation services, including many businesses.

Professional CART Services

CART is short for Communications Access Real-Time Translations (CART). CART involves speech-to-text captioning services that help organizations communicate with large audiences without violating the Americans with Disabilities or Rehabilitation Acts.

More importantly, though, is knowing that your intended audience understands the message completely with accurate captioning of your events, lectures, lessons, and more.

Document Translation Services

When dealing with documentation translation, accuracy is critical. Whether you’re working to translate any of the following, you need a service that is dedicated to accuracy and integrity.

  • Websites
  • Legal documents
  • Medical documents
  • Human resources documents
  • Policy manuals
  • Contracts
  • Business proposals
  • Trade agreements
  • Business licensing applications

Interpretation isn’t only about conveying words, but also about conveying meaning. That is why you need experienced and dedicated professionals to translate your documents. This allows you to move forward with confidence that all parties are on the same page.

Why Considering Hiring In-Person Interpreters?

Hiring in-person interpreters can be a cost-effective way to facilitate communications between multiple parties. But the benefits go deeper. Rather than being limited by your vocabulary or understanding of another language, hiring an interpreter allows you to speak and deliver your message clearly.

This means you can communicate what you need to say without worrying that the other person is able to understand your meaning.

Other benefits include:

  • Avoiding cultural misunderstandings
  • Reduced risks of miscommunications through language barriers
  • Clear, consistent communication between both parties
  • A specialized understanding of industry-centric phrasing and terminology

When you have an in-person interpreter, they can help you navigate uncomfortable questions, statements, or misstatements that might otherwise shut down communications.

What Types of Industries Require Interpreter Services?

Believe it or not, there are all types of businesses and industries that require professional translation and interpretation services. These are some of the major industries that may require these services more than others, however.

If you operate within one of these industries, you may wish to develop a relationship with a professional interpretation service. One that provides translation and interpretation for multiple languages.

Business and Industry

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are branching out and doing business with other countries. Whether you’re doing business of the white-collar variety or you’re opening a plant in another country, it is sometimes necessary to have in person translation services for your communications needs.

As the world gets smaller, more businesses are opening operations in China, Vietnam, Mexico, India, and other countries around the world. The ability to communicate with your teams is essential.

That’s not all you’ll need interpreting services for, though. You’ll also need to navigate the local governments, legal requirements, labor laws, etc. to ensure your operations aren’t hampered by fines and fees. Your interpreter can help you navigate the local government process, evaluate documents, and ensure compliance within your organization.


The world is an increasingly smaller place. In light of recent events, it has become increasingly necessary for medical practitioners to communicate with people from all corners of the world.

Of course, this wasn’t limited to only practitioners providing direct care to individuals, though. It also involved medical experts, medical laboratories, government leaders that needed to understand the messages these experts were providing, and more. The medical field is suddenly global with interpretation and translation services necessary at all levels.


Because the world of law and business is increasingly global, the need for in person interpretation services in the legal industry is growing by leaps and bounds. This is in addition to the already wide demand for legal document translation services.

Whether your business works in multiple countries or is seeking to expand into a single country where different languages are spoken, accurate interpretation is essential at all stages of the process.

This helps you avoid legal mistakes that could cost your business or organization big. Whether you need civil or criminal interpretation services, in person services help to ensure accuracy and avoid common mistakes that can derail your efforts.

Community Organizations

Community organizations often operate in areas where language can be a significant barrier. Those who have the greatest need are often immigrants from other countries who do not understand the resources available to them.

While some may be distrustful of information they do not fully understand, bringing an interpreter who speaks the language can open new doors. This can make a real difference in the communities you seek to serve – simply by bringing someone with you who speaks their language and can answer questions in real-time.

Civic Organizations

So many communities are now multicultural with people who have a limited understanding of the English language. It is increasingly necessary for civic organizations seeking to improve communities to hire in-person interpreters.

These interpreters bridge the gaps between understanding the needs of the community and how these organizations can best help meet them. The interpreters provide real-time translations so all parties communicate more effectively.

Government Organizations

Government organizations consistently work within and throughout the community to bring in jobs, deliver services, and engage in diplomacy. This is true no matter of you’re governing on the local or national level. Government organizations often need professional translation and interpretation services to ensure effective communication.

The right interpretation organization offers interpreters with fluency in numerous languages. This is essential for communicating with diverse stakeholders and audiences.

Conferences and Seminars

For conferences and seminars, in-person translation helps minimize confusion and while maximizing clarity and message impact. In-person services work differently than remote translation simply because there are no delays in communication.

More importantly, in-person translators can help with regional and local information that may be difficult for participants to understand. This extends to cultural references as well. If you have people attending who speak other languages natively, it’s also a courtesy that delivers the biggest impact possible.


Sometimes it is necessary to bring people together to discuss specific topics. But often, not all within a specific group speak the same language. Yet, everyone needs access to the same information. This is when in person interpretation services are often needed most.

  • First, it makes the symposium organizers look like they’ve got their act together.
  • Second, it helps ensure everyone has access to vital, must-have information.
  • Third, it provides opportunities for all parties to ask questions and get answers fast.

Interpretation services help eliminate the feeling of being left behind, ensuring every attendee is on the same page.


Lectures are often educational in nature and may involve students from around the world. Especially for complex cultural, scientific, legal, and medical topics. That is why it is essential to make sure everyone fully understands the information discussed by providing in person translation and interpretation services.

The point of lectures is to educate attendees. Those who are working to overcome language barriers may feel as though they aren’t getting the full value of their attendance. You can improve that by offering the option of interpretation services for attendees.

Social Services

Social services in some cities provide services to people from nations around the world. Depending on the city in question, your social services may be woefully understaffed to handle the translation needs of communities that have smaller representation.

That is why social services can benefit from hiring in-person translators for events that address those underserved communities. This attracts people from within the community and ensures that their voices are heard, problems addressed and their needs are met within the constraints of the programs available to them.

Educational Environments

There are increasing demands on primary and secondary educational institutions to meet the needs of diverse student populations. This means you need to provide translation services in a variety of situations, such as:

  • Managing and caring for students who speak different languages
  • Parents who do not understand English at all
  • Community services and announcements for students of multiple languages
  • Educating students who speak limited English
  • Dealing with cultural differences on top of language barriers

That’s only on the primary education level. In secondary institutions, the challenges become greater. Students have different majors and are following different educational paths. Their needs are even more diverse. Plus, cultural differences may feel even more pronounced as students seek to find their place in a new world.

Professional in person interpretation services offer sensible solutions that can meet the needs of an increasingly diverse student body.

What are the Benefits of Having Live Interpreters On-Site?

Having live interpreters or translators on-site may help:

  • Bridge cultural gaps in understanding.
  • Communicate back and forth.
  • Manage your document translation as well as your verbal translation needs.
  • Choose interpreters who specialize in specific fields and services (such as legal, medical, specific industries, etc.).
  • Ensure the communications needs of your audience are met.

At the end of the day, you can remain confident that your message is being delivered accurately and promptly. That is the real benefit of engaging professional, in person interpretation services for your next event, meeting, lecture, conference, and more.

Why Hire Accurate Communication for Your Interpretation Services Needs?

At Accurate Communication we understand the complexities involved in working with people who speak different languages. Our mission is to help you keep everyone on the same page with accurate, efficient translation and interpretation services.

Our team consists of dedicated professionals who share a common mission: to serve your communications needs.

In a world with fewer barriers every day, we believe language shouldn’t be the one that holds you back.

Contact us today or call 646-873-4000 to learn more about interpretation and translation services and how we can help your organization.