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Increase Your Audience Base with Professional CART Captioning Services

Communication is the cornerstone of modern civilization. As a society, we often forget that not everyone communicates the same. Professional CART captioning services allow you to expand your audience by communicating directly with all members of your audience.

What is CART Captioning?

CART is an acronym for Communication Access Real-time Translation. Essentially, CART captioning provides a speech-to-text interpreting service in real-time. These services are quite helpful for people who are hearing impaired or deaf.

CART captioning also benefits those among your group who comprehend information better by reading it rather than hearing it.

In some circles, CART captioning is referred to as “live event captioning” or “real-time captioning.” Professional CART captioning services ensure your message is accessible to a wider audience. That’s great news for all parties.

Benefits of Using CART Captioning

Real-time and live event captioning offer many benefits to your organization. It offers even more benefits to your audience, including the following.

  • Communication access for all.
  • Greater participation.
  • Equal voices.
  • Confidence in the message.
  • Independent understanding of the message.

CART captioning helps to break down many communication barriers. Barriers that often hold entire groups back. Barriers that prevent them from participating in public discourse or even attending such events.

How Does CART Captioning Help You Expand Your Audience?

Live event or CART captioning isn’t only about reaching out to audiences who are hearing impaired. It also helps those who struggle to hear over the din of the crowd. Or those who are distracted in the heat of the moment.

In addition to providing a live feed of the information, captioning services may also provide a transcript of the event for later review. This allows event participants to more carefully explore the information later.

How Do CART Captioning Services Work?

CART services are more than mere transcription services. The professional CART captioning services providers are highly skilled. They use special steno machines to type as event speakers share their messages.

The steno machines utilize a special shorthand. The CART professional went to school to learn to use the machine, first. And then an additional school for CART certification. Many CART providers are certified to type up to 260 words per minute with accuracy rates exceeding 98 percent.

The shorthand used is instantly translated into English by specialized computer software. The process makes the information available to large audiences while the event continues.

You have several options for displaying the CART-translated text to your audience, such as any of the following.

  • Laptop access.
  • LED board displays.
  • Projection onto large screens.
  • Smartphone viewing.

Ultimately, it means you no longer have to worry about positioning, physical conditions, or crowd-noise causing your audience to miss your message.

Who Needs Professional CART Captioning Services?

You cannot beat the benefits of CART captioning for providing broader access to information. Especially in any one of the situations below.

  • Social service meetings.
  • Conferences.
  • Seminars.
  • Medical environments.
  • Legal environments.
  • Educational environments.
  • Government forums.
  • Workshops.
  • Symposiums.
  • Lectures.
  • Rallies.
  • Fundraisers.

Anytime you have a gathering that may involve people who have difficulties with traditional voice communication, live captioning is a good idea.

Are Organizations Required to Provide Professional CART Captioning Services?

Failing to provide equal access to communication could put you in violation of one or more of the following.

Are ASL Interpreters Sufficient for ADA Compliance?

There are many times when ASL (American Sign Language) interpreters can do the job you require. There are other times, though, when you need more than the services ASL interpreters provide. It will largely depend on your audience.

For instance, many people become deaf later in life. They may not understand ASL. These people do, however, read and write fluently. So they are able to read the messages they can no longer hear.

Most people who are born deaf learn ASL as children. Those who are older often do not understand ASL nor are they efficient at reading lips. They need further assistance.

ASL is not universal. There are many “dialects” of sign language used in the United States. The same holds true around the world. The written word, translated in real-time is far more effective. Especially when working with large groups.

Are there Special Equipment Requirements for CART Services?

Organizations hosting events often have any equipment that would be useful for CART services available. This includes things like laptop computers, LED boards, and projector screens. The professional providing captioning services has the steno machine.

What this means is that you do not have to go to extraordinary expense to make live captioning possible for your events. That is great news for smaller organizations seeking to speak to much larger audiences.

It is your responsibility to cover the costs of captioning and other aspects of ADA compliance. CART captioning makes compliance more affordable. Something groups of all sizes can appreciate. Especially when seeking to grow your audience.

Is it Necessary to Have Onsite CART Captioning?

We live in a world with excellent communication capabilities. It is easier than ever to hire CART captioning professionals. They provide onsite or remote live captioning services for your events.

How is this possible?

Thanks to modern communication through high-speed internet and VOIP (voice over internet protocol) services, your audience will get the message loud and clear. More importantly, the message is almost instant.

You don’t even need to worry about transportation expenses. All you need is an internet connection. Then you can bring CART-certified captioners to your events from wherever they are.

Where Can You Hire Professional CART Providers?

Accurate Communications is here to serve all your communications needs. In addition to CART services, we offer the following services.

  • Professional in-person interpretation for more than 250 languages.
  • Video and in-person sign language services.
  • Professional document translation services.

Never worry about making your message clear again. Contact Accurate Communications today by visiting our website or calling 646.873.4000. We will help you learn more about our Professional Cart Captioning Services. Then, you can better understand how we can help your organization or group communicate to wider audiences.