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Professional Document Translation Services for Your Business

No matter the industry that you work in, you will likely need professional document translation services during your career. In today’s global world, growing organizations and businesses need access to accurate translations. International communication is the way of the future, and translations are an important tool.

Excellent translations can take your business to the next level. Translations help form cross-cultural professional relationships. Getting precise translations is an important step to growing a successful business or organization.

This article will provide an in-depth look at translation costs, certified translations, notarized translations, typical turn-around time and more.

How Much Does a Translation Cost?

Depending on the specific company offering translation services, the cost to translate a document can differ. The translation business may set flat rates for commonly-translated documents. On the other hand, the company might charge hourly or per word.

That being said, translators often charge a base price for their Professional Document Translation Services. Expect to pay a base rate or fee of $15-$30 for administrative tasks and translation preparation. This fee may be added to the final price of an official translation.

Translating a diploma might cost $50 based on the translator. However, a legal document might be charged per word. The costs of translated documents depend on the business providing the translation services.

What Kind of Documents Can Be Translated?

When it comes to the type of documents that can be translated, the sky’s the limit. Qualified professionals regularly translate all types of documents. For example, a translator might translate wedding certificates, divorce papers and diplomas.

In fact, Professional Document Translation Services exist for the following documents:

While translators usually receive these documents, the truth is that almost anything can be translated. Translators are even capable of translating business plans. Software helps translate more unique documents like academic and medical records.

How Do I Certify a Translated Document?

If you are in need of a “certified translation,” don’t worry. Any professional translators can provide certified translations. Certifying a translation simply means that the content has been translated exactly by the translator.

Certification shows that the translated document is an exact copy of the original. If you need a “certified translation” of your academic or medical records, you need a professional translator. Don’t hesitate to ask a company if they provide certified translations before working with them.

However, some organizations require a “notarized translation,” which is not the same as certified. Let’s check out the differences between these types of translations in Professional Document Translation Services.

What Is the Difference Between Notarized and Certified?

It is common for schools, courts and businesses to request either certified or notarized translations. For example, a university may request a notarized translation of courses taken in another country. On the other hand, a court might request certified translations of immigration papers and birth certificates.

However, it is important not to confuse the terms “notarized” and “certified.” Certified translations come from professional translators. However, translators must sign a certificate of authenticity in front of a notary to receive a notarized translation.

How Exact Will My Translation Be?

To stay true to the rules of translation, translators do not change the content that they translate. For translations to remain accurate, every tiny detail of a document must appear in its translated version.

Translators are paid to maintain reliable Professional Document Translation Services. This means that they do not take personal freedoms with documents. When hiring translators, customers can expect the exact translation of the document at hand without omissions or additions.

With these requirements in mind, high-quality translations reflect the original material with great attention to detail. No detail is missed or ignored in the translation process.

Professional Document Translation Services for Technical/Industry-Specific Content

Professional translators are trained to capture detail in documents containing industry-specific or technical language. Translation companies can pair clients with particular translators who have experience in certain fields.

What is more, they also have access to smart software that stores previous content. These types of software can separate and label vocabulary by industry. Thanks to these tools, clients shouldn’t worry that their content will be too technical or specific for excellent translation.

How Long Will It Take to Receive My Translation?

Professional translators are used to working on a deadline. They often translate hundreds of words an hour. However, because translation is an exhausting job, translators may have a daily translation word limit. This helps make sure that all translations are top-quality and that nothing is done halfway.

Professional translation businesses can usually complete translations within 24-48 hours. Of course, the length and difficulty of the document at hand impact the translation time. Translators with many years of experience may be able to translate faster than others.

Translators can complete common translations such as diplomas and driver’s licenses fairly quickly. However, something like a business plan will take longer based on the translator’s knowledge and speed.

Will Professional Document Translation Services Keep My Content Secure?

When you hire Professional Document Translation Services, you will receive a high level of privacy. Professional translators receive personal information every day, including birth certificates and ID cards and more. They are trained to keep this information private.

Professional translators understand that your legal documents contain valuable information. Therefore, that information will never be shared. You never have to worry that your private information could be shared with external parties. Professional translation always comes with the promise of security.

Accurate Communication, Your Partner for Reliable Translations

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