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Interpreters assist others who speak 2+ languages to communicate. Applicants are required to be fluent in the 2+ languages. Interpreters solely render vocalized communications, not written, such as translators do.

There are two classes of interpreting, (1) simultaneous and (2) consecutive.
Simultaneous interpreting requires an Interpreter to translate in real-time while the speaker is still talking. This variety of interpreters are customarily wanted within larger-sized gatherings or professional meetings.

Consecutive interpreting is most suitable for face-to-face conversations or statements in court, allowing the speaker to talk for short periods. They are immediately followed by a break where the interpreter translates what was just stated.


Accurate Communication, one of the leading language services available online for both individuals and businesses. AC has a long successful track record of possessing a positive reputation and providing nothing but high-quality and superior language assistance services.

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For new business inquiries and or questions please call us at the number below.

East Coast : (646) 873-4000
West Coast : (310) 401-3998

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